Hardware Options

At Classic Cases, we understand that the hardware used in our cases plays a vital role in ensuring durability, functionality, and security. We offer a wide array of hardware options, allowing you to customize your case with components that meet your specific needs. From heavy-duty latches and robust handles to reinforced corners and reliable locking mechanisms, our hardware options are designed to provide optimal protection for your valued possessions. Whether you require specialized locks for added security, ergonomic handles for comfortable transportation, or custom fittings to accommodate unique equipment, our extensive selection of hardware ensures that your case is tailored to your exact requirements.






Please be aware that the hardware options displayed on this page represent only a fraction of the extensive choices available at Classic Cases. We are committed to providing a vast selection of hardware components, allowing you to fully customize your case according to your specific preferences and requirements. From various finishes and materials to a wide range of fittings and accessories, we invite you to contact our team for a comprehensive overview of the hardware options we offer. Let us assist you in creating a uniquely tailored case that precisely matches your needs.